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Elaj Medical Centers

Elaj Medical Center (EMC) is the first Quality of Life Enhancement Healthcare Center, primarily focusing on Men’s Health.

Elaj has successfully positioned itself as a quality of life enhancement healthcare services provider in the Middle East region, with an initial focus on the KSA market and now present in UAE, Qatar, Oman and Egypt.

Elaj operates in 22 branches across the GCC and Egypt and has plans to expand to other MENA countries such as Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, and others.

At Elaj, healthcare conceptualization focuses on quality of life enhancement measures or treatments. Elaj provides comprehensive care to individuals by linking the 3 key elements of physical, intellectual and sexual health, diagnosing medical conditions, and providing customized solutions.

There is an urgent need for healthcare delivery to shift and expand from episodic acute care in general, to include and embrace prevention and chronic condition management in order to respond to the emerging healthcare needs in the GCC region. The Company occupies a leading position in this segment of healthcare services.