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Al Borg laboratories

Al Borg laboratories

Al Borg Medical Laboratories founded its first single lab in the heart of the Western Province of Saudi Arabia; Jeddah. Currently, AI Borg Medical Laboratories has become the largest chain of private laboratories in the GCC and is expanding in Africa. With 20 years of experience serving the needs of citizens and residents of the Gulf and African countries, we offer broad range of routine, specialized and sub-specialty laboratory tests. Our sincere efforts with attention to all details and adherence to the highest international standards and specifications moved Al Borg Medical Laboratories forwards to be the leading provider for integrated laboratory services and solutions and helped us fulfil our commitment to you and provide excellent medical service wherever you are with a smile from the heart.


Address1 : Khartoum Al Sayed Abd El Rahman st, East of Al Zaytouna Hospital

Phone : 183742577

Address2 : Khartoum Al Emarat, King Abd El Aziz st, North of Syrian Embassy

phone: 183560667

Address3 : Um Dorman Al Shohadaa, North of Asia Hospital

phone: 187560797

Email : a.farouk@alborglaboratories.com
HotLine :1944