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cairo labs

Cairo Labs Established in 1984 as the first fully integrated clinical pathology lab by leading clinicians , Cairo Labs has grown from a single lab to a 30+ lab chain that is highly regarded among the medical community. All our branches are equipped with the latest technologies and platform which allows us to deliver 90% of our massive test panel within 2 hrs. We are proud to be RIQAS & EQAS accredited and will be receiving our ISO 15189 accreditation soon. We at Cairo Labs strongly believe in delivering value based healthcare and will continue to develop tailor made solutions for our clients.


The Nearest to You

Also,you can Order our house call service and we will come to your home or office to collect your sample and deliver your results. For your convenience, our branches are covering the Greater Cairo more than 20 branch .. and our vision is expansion of new branches for the convenience of our clients

Tailor Made Services

cairo lab provides multiple ways where we can do pre-employment tests and also deliver the results confidential & we can visit your company to take the sample of the officers and staff from the workplace.

Largest Test Menu In The Middle East

we continuously strived over the years to be the first to offer you the most innovative laboratory tests. Check out our test menu for more details on over 2,000 tests cairo lab currently offer. To avoid wasting your time, check the test precautions before visiting us.

Total Quality Management

For your assurance, we were the first laboratory in the Middle East to adopt total quality management into our day-to-day operations. From sample bar-coding system to fully automated FDA-approved laboratory equipment to auto-validation of results, you are assured on the accuracy of your test results. Also to avoid transfer problems of the samples from the branches to the main center so we have equipped all branches with the latest Analysis devices internationally approved & to Receipt Periodic test results On the same day


Ensure that we are always evolving, and for the convenience of our customers we have in the recent period to provide a range of electronic services to meet the needs of our customers through our website.

Lab To Lab

As cairo lab is one of the largest laboratories in Egypt & we offer the largest tests list so we offer for other laboratories and hospitals contracting on largest list of analyzes in Egypt and less cost

Cases Of Conversion

Analyses conducted for the person named on the transfer request only, The conversion must be done through procedures agreed with the point of conversion, the transfer request carries certified signature and seal,And be directed to the lab and have a valid authority. If the required analysis is not found on agreed list of analyzes, The patient must get approval from his workplace on the analysis price and pay its value in cash. In the case of request for an analysis before the completion of the transfer request,must pay the value of analysis , Must submit transfer order within a week or before the end of the month (whichever is sooner)