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AL-amal Hospital

AL-amal Hospital

The hospital is located in a highly populated area in Giza governorate, between Mohandseen area (which represents A-class and the upper portion of B-class population) and Embaba & Bolak Al-Dakror areas (with the majority of population mainly within lower B and C classes).

The hospital was established more than 25 years ago by a leading doctor at that time – Dr. Mokhtar Ibrahim, and like the majority of hospital projects at that time, the hospital was focused mainly on providing primary and secondary healthcare services. 

The major departments of the hospital at that time were OB GYN and General Surgery, handling minor operations only, with no single ICU bed in the hospital.

Acquisition (2009)

The Saudi Health Investment Company acquired Al-Amal Hospital in 2009 and hired ELAJ as operator to manage the operations of the hospital. Prior to the acquisition, the hospital used to provide secondary healthcare services, and used to preform minor surgeries mainly ob-gyn and other minor – medium surgical procedures. The hospital accommodated 30 inpatient beds and 3 operating theaters. However, it was lacking all the supporting department to provide standardized medical services to the patients. There was no imaging department, no medical laboratory and no blood bank. 

Total revenues at 2009 amounted to EGP 4.7 mn and net income amounted to EGP 224K.

Orchid Oncology Center & Hospital Turnaround (2010)


The management started the upgrade and renovation process of the hospital’s main departments focusing mainly on the inpatient department to help create a comfortable environment for the patients. A completely new imaging department was put in services, establishing fully fledged medical laboratory and started a complete over hull of the operating theatre.

Late 2010, management established Orchid Oncology Center for cancer treatment and added 6 more beds to the existing bed capacity. It was operating in the form of a chemotherapy day center specialized in the treatment and management of cancer. In line with management’s vision, an onco-surgery division was established as well.

Total revenues amounted to EGP 11.8 mn and net income amounted to EGP 3.9 mn.

Cath Lab & ICU​ (2011)

The management established state of the art cath lab under the name Smart Medical to serve to the growing need of this category of patients. 

Alongside, the management established a fully fledged ICU department accommodating 9 fully equipped ICU beds to support the cath department. The management also established the NICU division including 4 fully equipped units.

Total revenues amounted to EGP 14.7 mn and net income amounted to EGP 3.5 mn.

Open Heart Surgery Unit (2012)

The Hospital extended its radiology division to include CT scanning which reduced the inconvenience of  outsourcing scanning activities.

This began in Q4 2012, and capitalizing on the good reputation of the cath lab unit, the management established the open-heart division utilizing high-end technology and in cooperation with eminent doctors and professors. To meet the growing activity of the cath lab and the open heart division, the management added another 10 highly equipped ICU beds.

Total revenues amounted to EGP 27.3 mn and net income amounted to EGP 4.5 mn.

Neuro-Surgery Unit (2013)

The management Began in Q3 2013, with the establishment of a state-of-the- art Neurosurgery division.

In addition, capitalizing on the good reputation of the Cath unit and based on the strategy of the management to strive to provide the best medical care available, the management upgraded the Cath unit with a new one based on the latest technology at that time. 

To better help and facilitate the situation for open heart patients, the management established a new blood bank in the hospital serving primarily open heart cases.

Total revenues amounted to EGP 45.5 mn and net income amounted to EGP 4.5 mn.

Al-Amal New Medical Tower (2014)

The management acquired the tower adjacent to the hospital and added nearly 80 patient beds and 21 new ICU beds to cater for general critical cases as well. 

Establishing Kidney Dialysis Unit with 9 fully equipped dialysis machines. Alongside, the management also established kidney transplant unit with two highly equipped operating theatres. Also established chest and GIT unit. To provide unique service for Ob-gyn patients, the management assigned a complete floor with two operating theaters and 4 units NICU division. Also established new dentistry unit, ophthalmology unit, and physiotherapy unit.

Oncology Hospital (2015)

The management started Phase III in the development process of Al-Amal hospital by acquiring a new piece of land with a total area of Sqm 572 which will be developed into a specialized cancer treatment facility. The management is building on the strong reputation and growth of it Oncology division (Orchid) and the presence of top notch professors running the department.

The facility is estimated to run through a total built up area of around Sqm 4,500 accommodating the latest state-of-the-art technology in this specialty.