Business Structure

Name Location Bed Capacity Current Status
Al-Amal Hospital Giza - Egypt 130 Operational
Ibn Sina Hospital Dokki - Egypt 200 Operational
Al-Mashreq Hospital Giza - Egypt 350 Under Progress
Al-Orouba Hospital Cairo - Egypt 123 Under Progress
Al-Aqsa Hospital Khamis Mshait - KSA 100 Operational
Sari Hospital Jeddah - KSA 100 Under Progress
Ha’el National Hospital Ha’el - KSA 100 Under Progress
Alexandria International Hospital Alexandria - Egypt 140 Operational
Noor Al Ehssa Hospital Al Ehssa - KSA 200 Under Progress
Al Mashafa Hospital Jeddah - KSA 145 Under Progress
Ghassan N. Pharaon Jeddah & khamis mushit - KSA 207 Operational
Al-Mashreq KSA Jeddah - KSA 75 Under Progress
Grand-Total 1870

Name Speciality Brief Description
Elaj Medical Centres Quality of Life Enhancement Elaj Medical Centres ‘’EMCs’’ provide Men and Women health enhancement services through 25 specialized operational centres across GCC and Egypt.
Tanasol centres IVF Specialized Centers Services are being provided through 2 Tanasol centres (IVF specialized centres), out of which, one centre is based in KSA - Jeddah, whereas the other centre is based in Egypt - Cairo.
Name speciality Brief Description
Star Diagnostic Centers integrated diagnostic center An integrated diagnostic center located in Egypt - Giza, with another recent one in KSA-Riyadh, with current plans for expansion to cover more areas in Egypt, GCC and Sudan.
Name Speciality Brief Description
Star Care Ambulatory Care Centers

A network of ‘one-stop-shop’ healthcare malls offering a combination of primary care, specialized units, secondary consultation, labs, diagnostics, pharmacy, screening services, and day surgery
Three types of centers (A,B,C) based on size of population in catchment area, income levels, and degree of competition
Patient can experience a seamless delivery system with a single medical record and unified scheduling and billing processes
Higher revenue per square foot based upon cross-selling and ‘integrated customer experience

The company has three operational GAMCA approved medical checkup centers in Egypt.
GAMCA is GCC Approved Medical Centers Association that approve medical checkup centers for immigrant workers to GCC.
GAMCA was formed in 1999 at a general meeting of the approved Medical Check-up Centers of Executive Board of the Health Ministers' Council for the G.C.C. States under the organization Gulf Cooperation Council (G.C.C.) constituted by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, State of Kuwait, State of Qatar, Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.
Al-Amal Gamca Center
Enaya Gamca Center
Star Gamca Center
Makkah Gamca Center
Elaj Gamca Center

Name Speciality Brief Description
Al-Borg Medical Laboratories Laboratories A medical laboratories network of 60 labs across KSA, UAE, Qatar , Sudan , Bahrain , Kuwait , Oman and Ethopia
Allied Laboratories Laboratories A recently introduced medical laboratories network of 6 labs in Cairo, with heavy current expansion plans across Egypt & GCC.
Cairo Labs Laboratories Cairolab branches (30 branches) covering all parts of Greater Cairo. The Work continues in the main center 24 hours a day seven days a week,
DELTA Laboratories Laboratories Delta is the first private reference laboratory in Saudi Arabia. It Delta Laboratories was founded in 1997
Name Speciality Brief Description
Arabia Scan Diagnostic Imaging A Saudi based Company that provides diagnostic imaging services to patients through multiple different sized diagnostic imaging facilities, with an expansion plan to operate throughout the MENA region targeting 41 imaging centers within the next five years.
Name Speciality Brief Description
MEDX Medical Insurance Saudi Medical Expense Management Co. ‘’MEDX’’, a Saudi based Company operating as Third-Party Administrator for medical insurance claims throughout KSA And Egypt

Name Speciality Brief Description
Delta Medical Technology